Woodcreek Lacrosse is dedicated to providing a positive athletic experience for Roseville, California region student athletes. We are committed to developing character, leadership, teamwork, athletic ability, physical and mental strength with positive coa

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Woodcreek Lacrosse Club is dedicated to providing a positive athletic experience for boys and girls lacrosse players in the Placer County Region.  Our coaches, parents and volunteers are committed to developing each player’s character, while teaching leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, physical and mental endurance.  Woodcreek Lacrosse was founded on the traditional principles and values also known as “Honoring the Game”.  These principles and values teach our coaches, parents, volunteers and players the tradition of the game, by honoring the game, respecting all involved in the game and emphasizing integrity by being part of the game.  We will continue to grow Woodcreek Lacrosse by instilling the tradition and these principles and values for every person involved in our club and this sport.


The Woodcreek Lacrosse Club was founded on the tradition and culture of lacrosse and would like to continue down this path.  We will continue to build positive relationships with the governing bodies of lacrosse, other lacrosse programs, local schools, businesses and local governments in our area.  Our goal is to provide the players with a positive experience by providing them with coaches that have a cleared criminal background, who have received required training and certifications.  Woodcreek Lacrosse will provide the necessary tools to help our players to “Honor the Game”.  Our club will continue to offer the game of lacrosse to any player wanting to play and willing to follow the mission of this club.  We will continue to require all of our coaches, parents and volunteers to do the same.  We will never lose sight of the past as we journey forward into expanding our club and sport.


S = Sportsmanship

P = Pride

I = Integrity

R =Respect

I = Initiative

T= Teamwork